Prefers Mezcal
Loves fancy candles
jogging makes her happy
Has good party stories but will never SHARE THEM
idolizes Anthony Bourdain
Always down for sushi
Visits mexico at least once a year
quietly makes wishes at 11:11 am/pm
Loves vegan food but isn't vegan...yet
takes her coffee iced with oat milk
Total newbie at surfing
Favorite show is Peaky Blinders
Solo traveler


THIS IMAGE RIGHT HERE! This goofy yet totally epic shot of "Metal Skool" aka Metal Shop, now known as Steel Panther. This is Satchel, at the end of their set, probably an encore at a NYE show at the Roxy in West Hollywood back in 2005 I think. I had a fake ID then, went to see my friends, Bullets and Octane, open for Metal Skool. At the time, I was still shooting on a very mediocre digital camera - probably one that didn't have interchangeable lenses. This was me in the midst of the film-to-digital crossover all of us old school photographers were making. I got some really great shots because the Roxy just has epic lighting which makes shooting easier. So Satchel, the lead singer and guitar player, went behind the drum set to do his final solo, both on guitar and drums and did this pose at the end. I think this is one of three shots I got, The other two were blurry and this one came crisp and just fucking great. After I saw the image preview on the little LCD screen, this feeling came over me, like a giant wave of clarity. I always knew I wanted to be a photographer, but at that moment, I definitely knew I also wanted to shoot music. I knew had the talent to capture epic moments. Or at least I'd like to think so ;)

I found out later that night after the show that my car got towed. WORTH IT.


Kelli also owns and operates a luxury destination wedding and lifestyle photography business in los angeles and worldwide.