Kelli Hayden is a photographer based in Los Angeles. She has spent the last two decades developing and discovering her style. She is drawn to colorful and playful subjects and lives to capture genuine moments as they happen as well as the sincere moments in-between direction and instruction. With 20 years of photographing music and photo-journalistic-type imagery, capturing an authentic moment whether music or lifestyle, is what she believes it’s all about. 

After high school, Kelli decided to forgo the expensive photography schools so she could travel and instead chose to attend a community college photography program. Although photography technology constantly evolves, the history and its aesthetics do not. One of the most valuable classes she took was in fact not a photography class, but 2D Art & Design which teaches the basic elements of visual organization and relationships between colors that are fundamental in photography. With that knowledge, working closely with other professionals, and gaining her own real-life experience as a freelancer in a variety of fields, Kelli has become a seasoned professional in creating a photojournalistic-meets-editorial style imagery that tells stories and shares the mood and the vibe.

When not on the road or working, Kelli spends her time running marathons, learning to surf, and is a dedicated volunteer and ambassador for a non-profit organization that serves children with unique needs.